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Darren Dunn

General Manager

With an MFA in Dance Performance and Choreography from University of Michigan, Darren began in NYC as a professional dancer; a pursuit that would ultimately lead him to the world of food & beverage. From national chains to mom and pops, front-waiter to AGM Darren has seen and done it all, and he has the Crafted Hospitality stripes to prove it. Over the years, he has spent time at four Crafted Hospitality outposts: Colicchio & Sons, Craftbar, Craft New York & Temple Court. Darren first joined the Temple Court team as the Wine Director, and was promoted to General Manager in June 2021. 

On the floor, Darren’s passion for wine, personal connection & the color blue is obvious and we love to watch him share his brand of hospitality, night after night. Off the clock Darren can be found visiting his favorite restaurant, Takahashi on Avenue A, or in pleasant pursuit of those rare moments when you slow yourself down and remember why you loved NY to begin with.